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Decision-making in higher education is shifting from being solely process driven toward a system that is based on outcomes and accountability. Business intelligence (BI) is a critical component of the decision support structure and is the pillar that can bring organizational alignment to the institution.

ASR Analytics works with institutions to build sophisticated BI solutions that are easy for decision makers to use.


Managing today's "academic enterprise" requires a 360 degree view of all resources available to support student success and the overall health of the institution. ASR Analytics business intelligence solutions for higher education help to break down institutional silos and unearth the rich data that resides in your ERP, LMS, supporting subsystems, and rogue spreadsheets. All of this information can be brought together to help align your institution around its mission and goals.

ASR provides advanced analytic solutions that will help you:

  • Recruit an incoming class that is more likely to be retained.
  • Determine the optimum institutional financial aid allocation to ensure both access and fiscal effectiveness.
  • Forecast course and program demand instead of copying the last "like term."
  • Optimize course enrollment.
  • Gain a holistic understanding of the resources required for both credit and non-credit students to succeed.
  • Foster a culture of evidence.

To achieve your institutional goals and gain greater insight into your data we will help you deploy the right technology to:

  • Integrate data from ERP systems from Ellucian Banner or Colleague, Oracle, Jenzabar, and others.
  • Build a sound data warehouse using best practices for security and data archiving.
  • Surface dashboards of key performance indicators to help guide the institution and stay focused.
  • Provide decision makers with visual and interactive "cubes" of data that invite further exploration and provide greater meaning.
  • Develop focused reports that drive action.

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